Raider Monofighter

Bubble_Fighter.jpgUsing the basic frame of a Earth Hatchet fighter, cut down nothing more than a engine and weapon system, the Raider is inexpensive, quickly constructed and easily transported to theaters of operation. To light and disposable for standing militaries, they are especially appealing to mercenary and pirate coteries who have more personnel than resources.

Most believe that Welan-Yutani must be getting kickbacks from the illegal sales of these black market favorites, otherwise they would be more stringently protecting their intellectual property.

The crew of One-Eyed Jack has seen some evidence that the CMC does use Hatchets for covert operations they do not want known were committed by Earth forces.

Make/Model: Cut down Welan-Yutani Hatchet fighter frame
Beam: 7m (approximate)
Keel: 3.3m
Clearance: 9m (approximate)
Top Air Speed: N/A
Top Space Speed: Unknown

High Concept: Bare-bones extra-atmospheric mono-fighter.
Trouble: More shielding for the reactor than the pilot.
History: Preferred conveyance for pirates everywhere.
Other Aspects: Shared countermeasures with the mother ship.

Raider Monofighter

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