The processed atmosphere of Venus has a significant helium content which causes people to speak in slightly higher pitch but is otherwise harmless. Pills can be taken to counter-act this, though Venusians that do not have much contact with off-worlders usually abstain. Making fun of their “Venus Squeak” is a sure way to make an enemy.

Venus rotates backwards compared to the other planets, so the Sun rises in the west. Its dry surface is characterized by flat plains both in the highland regions and depressions. There are very few impact craters compared to rest of the inner planets. Venus’ gravity is about 90% of Earth normal. Bebop_Venus.jpg

As part of the on-going terraforming, numerous islands or “Gardens” float several hundred feet above the surface with forests of genetically engineered plants designed to process Venus’ natural Carbon dioxide atmosphere into oxygen and nitrogen. The surface of the planet is still hot by human standards but is survivable especially near the islands that bleed off the heat to power their hoover technology.

The complex ecosystems of engineered plants had one adverse side effect: a combination of spores coming in contact with human eyes bebop_venus_istambul.jpgcan cause blindness, a syndrome called Venus Sickness. An extract made from the extremely rare Grey Ash plant cures Venus Sickness making it a very expensive commodity and thus a valuable part of the thriving Venusian black market.

Cultural Aspect: Istanbul, Turkey.
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