Rules Changes

Two skills from the Core book will be renamed but otherwise unchanged.

LORE will be called SCIENCE.

CRAFTS will be called TECH.

DRIVE will be used for all personally piloted craft (land, sea, air and space fighters) but not for crew-based spacecraft as they rely more on large scale systems than individual skill. The DRIVE stunt “Navigate” will allow DRIVE to be used to control crew-based craft without penalty. Otherwise DRIVE can be used to pilot such craft but the difficulties will be higher.

Navigate: WIP

In addition, there will also be a new skill, SURVIVAL.

Survival is the skill for withstanding the harsh environments found on various planetoids in the solar system. This includes extreme temperatures, predatory flora and fauna, and hazardous conditions such as radiation or poisonous gas. Character with a bent for exploration will want to take this skill.

Overcome – Survival allows you to overcome natural obstacles, such as traversing quicksand, avoiding a rock slide or eluding some critter who has caught your scent.

Create an Advantage – You can use Survival to create an advantage in a natural environment. Often, the advantage you create might assist you in making subsequent Survival checks. For example, use it to find Safe Passage as you navigate a predator’s hunting grounds, scrounge for Potable Water to keep you hydrated, or discover a Natural Shelter to weather a ferocious storm.

Attack – Survival isn’t normally used for attacks. In some cases, an attack might be appropriate when harnessing an existing hazardous condition to harm someone else, such as stirring up a wasp nest to swarm your pursuer or setting a booby trap.

Defend – You can use Survival to defend against attacks from the environment itself. If a tree falls in a forest, you could hear it and leap out of the way.

Camouflage: You can use Survival in place of Stealth when in a natural environment.

Herbal Remedy: When in a natural environment, you can use Survival to begin recovery from a consequence.

My Backyard: Gain a +2 bonus to Survival checks made in the vicinity of your primary residence.

Rules Changes

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