Hatchet Fighter

hatchet_fighter.jpgThe mainstay of the CMC, this fighter has only been “in theater” for a few years but its profile has spread with the rapid expansion of Earth’s influence.

Though capable of atmospheric flight (and breaking atmosphere with boosters), the Hatchet is primarily space deployed, use to swarm larger ships or directly engage smart missiles.

Make/Model: Reaper M-14 Mono-fighter
Beam: 10.4m
Keel: 3.3m
Clearance: 14.8m
Top Air Speed: 1590 KPH (988 mph)
Top Space Speed: CLASSIFIED

High Concept: Flying weapon of intimidation.
Trouble: Too slow in the air, too fast in the void.
History: So new, we’re not sure what it can do.
Other Aspects:

Hatchet Fighter

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