Space Cowboy

Treasure Hunt
The Thing In The Wall

Half the Crew wanted to go ahead and space Cilia out of fear she’d try to kill them some more but the Swami and the Preacher wouldn’t have it.

Adromeda and Frenchie discovered that the secret room controlled a sophisticated force field generator that secured something on board the ship. They traced the force fields to a hidey-hole below the main corridor, just above the egg sack in cargo bay three, which they did flush into space.

Frenchie lowered the force field and they opened the hatch. Inside was a black, slightly reflective box, looking like a perfect cube 9 inches to a side (nobody wanted to take its measurements). After some heated discussion, Andromeda “touched” it with her mind as she said it felt like a thinking thing. She bit her tongue til it bled and passed out for a day and a half.

When she woke, she said it had given her visions trying to talk to her but couldn’t clearly translate its alien thoughts. It had come from very far away, well past this solar system. The place it had come from was being overwhelmed by a formless darkness. Whole stars were swallowed by its spreading. Something had gone wrong on its way here and it was not whole anymore. it was just a piece of itself and it wanted to be returned to the whole.

It was agreed that this thing could not just be left in the wall: the Crew had to destroy it or return it and if they could not do the latter they would do the former. But they couldn’t do much as they were. Cilia had used up all the fuel in the weeks she had been aimlessly wandering.

They needed supplies and the meant they needed work.

The Girl on the Ghost Ship
The Confession of Chase Nan

The shuttle docked in an integral bay on the back of an atlas class heavy cargo hauler floating out in deep free space. The first thing they saw when disembarking was a blood smeared message on the wall: “You will all die on the decks of One Eyed Jack!”

Immediately, “malfunctions” of the ship seemed to try to kill the Crew but Zach and Frenchie determined they were deliberate commands from alternate controls. A search of the ship revealed many strange things, including (but not limited to) a monstrous egg sack in cargo bay three and a large glowing, rabies-ridden rat in rec center one.

Gator was bitten by the rat and within half an hour turned into a murderous mockery of himself, oozing glowing green fluid and trying to kill the rest of the Crew. They were forced to put him down. During the fray, Gator bit Andromeda’s pinking off. The rest of the Crew observed her for hours but she did not change as Gator had.

The continued search of the ship revealed a secret control room where they found the body of Chase Nan, ship’s engineer. According to his recorded final confession, they had salvaged a private yacht and brought back a “treasure” but they turned on each other over it. With the help of a now dead compatriot, he hid the treasure but was discovered and mortally wounded while killing them. He crawled to the secret room, recorded the confession and died.

Using coordinated efforts and the mining mech from cargo bay three, the Crew captured their saboteur: Celia Nan, sister of Chase and last surviving member of the original crew of One Eyed Jack. Alone on the ghost ship for several weeks, she had gone mad and believed the “treasure” had granted One Eyed Jack sentience as it robbed her of her own, reducing her to an extension of the ship. It was the ship, she said, that feared they would war over the treasure and so it ordered her to “dispatch” them.

Some believed her.

Andromeda Round-Up
Events on Shit-Hole Station

Those that would become the crew of the One Eyed Jack met in “lounge” (alcohol dispensary) of a nameless way station built into a tiny asteroid in a distant orbit of Jupiter. They teamed up to stop two men waving guns that seemed intent on holding the lounge hostage. That ended poorly for those men.

Most of the other bar flies ran for the dock and the safety of their ships but the Crew overheard radio chatter: the rest of the gunmen’s group had already taken the command center and were sending most of their people now to capture everyone in the dock.

Andromeda hacked a lesser system in a maintenance bay and got a schematic of the shit-hole station. Using ventilation shafts, the Crew surprised the few remaining invaders on the command level, mostly using Andromeda’s strange psychic scream which, unfortunately, also adversely affected everyone. The Space Swami, though a forgiving soul, stays clear of her now and will probably wear the scares of that encounter for a while.

Questioning the captured leader, Spikey as they called him due to his hair, they discovered that the invaders were a Red Dragon Syndicate retrieval team hired by Hasbro BioMech to find Andromeda. His men were planting explosives on the inner air lock of every ship docked set to detonate if anyone tried to detach. No one could leave until he ordered it!

They left his ass tied to a support beam.

Being on the command center French was able to set up a time delay for the docked ships to auto-detach from the station. Then he locked the security doors, trapping everyone in the dock and used the PA system to inform the Red Dragons that if any bombs were still active in five minutes, the ships would detach, the bombs go off and everyone on the dock would be incinerated and then sucked into space. The Red Dragons quickly began dismantling the bombs.

The Crew attacked the Red Dragons in the middle of their frantic effort. But in the middle of the firefight, the bombs – even the detached ones – all reactivated, now on a SHORT countdown; a fail safe they were told about. When offered the opportunity to just leave on a bomb-less ship, they graciously accepted.

The Crew untied the captured bar flies and everyone piled onto bomb-less ships, the Crew onto a small mid-range shuttle. Never having the chance to have shut it down, Frenchie’s timed detachment took place as the Crew blazed away from the detonating dock area.

None of the ships were significantly damaged but before they could return for Captain Parrin’s boat, an unalterable pre-programmed course laid in and the shuttle was off to god-knows-where with the Crew trapped inside.

“Crew” on board the shuttle:
Andromeda the Psychic Hacker
Chandra the Space Swami
Frenchie the Terraforming Engineer
Parrin the Freighter Captain
Gator the Low Life
Ghan the Mute Strong Arm
Zach the Techie
The Preacher


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