Space Cowboy

TtoT3: Mercado Motel Extraction, Pt. 2

What's With the Midget?!

Exploding from the maid’s cart in a flurry of bath towels and – for some reason – steaming take-out containers filled with fedeo noodles, came a nappy-headed midget duel-wielding long knives and screaming in a mix of Mandarin and Mexican!

Joe shot the midget while Andromeda used the password Malmano gave them to enter the motel room. The Preacher pissed off the parking lot boys so bad, they got back into their car and tried (unsuccessfully) to run him down on the way to the fracas… thirty feet way, in a speeding car.

Joe knocks the two running for them down with the laundry cart and shoots out the tire of the rapidly approaching car, sending it skidding into the motel pool. The Swami caps one of the knocked downs in the knee and convinces the rest to rethink their life choices… somewhere else! And Andromeda comes running out of the motel room with young Grace protectively sandwiched between her and Bloodbeard, who is, as advertised, a ruddy big Barricado with a bright red beard.

Unfortunately, the Preacher – all the way on the other side of the parking lot – is still the only one that knows there is a sniper on the office roof. The group turns the corner and Bloodbeard takes a rifle shot to the face, piercing both cheeks and knocking out several teeth. The others try to return fire but he’s dug in like a Mexican space tick.

Bloodbeard, who all were amazed was still alive let alone able to fight, made the sniper back off with a well-lobbed frag grenade. And under a bristle of cover fire, Andromeda lead the group at a dead run into the impenetrable back ways of the Mercado.

Unfortunately, the Preacher – the only one with any doctoring skills – had been separated and was making his own way back to the space port hanger and Bloodbeard was losing blood fast. He found a food vendor’s hot plate and cauterized the wound himself… and promptly passed out from the pain of doing so. Joe carried him, Andromeda lead the girl and Swami brought up the rear, all the way to the hanger and safety.

See? Who needs a plan?


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