Space Cowboy

Tijuana to Titan, Pt 5

Personality Conflicts

While the Swami distracted Bloodbeard with a tour of the ship, the Preacher put Grace at ease with some pleasant small talk so Andromeda could get more than just a surface scan of her mind. Primarily she believed she would one day be the most powerful pirate in the System and rule all of space with an iron fist. But Andromeda sensed a strangeness in her that she recognized from the children with the false memory implants.

After a quick crew meeting, it was decided to send Grace off to bed (in the room with all the surveillance cameras Andromeda set up) and let her bodyguard in on our suspicions… gingerly avoiding the part about Andromeda being a cursed mind-witch freak thing. After a short discussion, the following possible scenario emerged:

Commandante Malmano has Grace pre-programmed to kill her father, the Ultimo of the Barricado, once they are alone together. He arranges another faction to stalk her to make it look like their doing. Malmano hires the Crew to “rescue” Grace and deliver her to her father. Malmano intended to follow the Crew to the secret rendezvous location and take command after the Ultimo’s death and say the Crew did it all, but he loses them because of One Eyed Jack’s superior stealth capabilities.

The Crew bring in Grace but their questions set off her conditioning and she nearly kills Andromeda with a hidden mono-molecular knife. With some difficulty, the rest of the Crew beats renders her unconscious and ties her up in one of the holds.

Bloodbeard consents to allow Andromeda to “hack” Grace’s brain. In her deep unconscious, Andromeda finds the artificial training is comfortably similar to malware she is used to dealing with. She auto-deletes the programming and scrubs it clean from Grace’s brain.


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