Space Cowboy

Tijuana to Titan, Pt. 3

The Mercado Motel Extraction

Malmano laid out the details: the extract-ees was Grace, the fourteen year old daughter of Ultimo Smith, the leader of the Barricado fleet, and her personal bodyguard known only as Bloodbeard. They were held up in a cheap motel across the street from the Mercado (an open bizarre), and were being watched… by other Barricados.

This faction of Barricados had unknown plans for Grace. Kidnapping and even murder were acceptable means of advancement within limits among the Barricado and so far none of them had broken their Code of behavior. Malmano and his men taking the girl would escalate matters. He was hoping the Crew could extract her and her bodyguard more subtly.

Not really the Crew’s strong suit but they gave it a try.

The Preacher set up in the parking lot, ranting about the evil’s of pirate life, enough to piss off a car full of the factionists. While they were distracted, Andromeda, dressed as a cleaning lady, wheeled a cart to the door their quarry waited in. Joe and the Swami hid behind the office, waiting to lend support when all this invariably went wrong.

But just as Andromeda was making her move, here comes the real maid. Joe jumped out and chatted her up to keep her busy while Andromeda got to the right room door. He was doing it best rico suave but she was acting like she didn’t speak his lingo, all the while sweating bullets and glancing at her own cart like it will bite her.

Meanwhile the Preacher is too busy inciting a pirate to beat him senseless to tell the others over the radio that he sees two more factionists the others are in a bad angle to see: one on the second floor stairs and a sniper on the roof of the office.

Then everything went Ozzy Ozborne level crazy.


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