Space Cowboy

Tijuana to Titan, Pt. 2

Let's Screw Swiftman

The Swami insisted on seeing the cargo before they accepted the job and went after the other passengers. They were taken to a non-distinct hanger of the spaceport where Joe’s mono-spacecraft, cargo #1, was covered with a drop cloth like a rich boy’s racer or something. It and Joe were to ride with them to the Saturn system.

Cargo #2 was a Crate, two meters by two meters by six meters, on an integrated hover skid and locked all to hell with high tech military style seals and encryption. It was to be delivered to the Almiri Security Group (a mercenary paramilitary company), to their new facility on Titan and to be turned over to no one other than Commodore Amanda Charger.

just as the Swami thought that Almiri sounded familiar, he saw the Crate’s owner attending it. Though dressed civilian, the Swami had known him from cortex images as Admiral Daniel “Dash” Swiftman. Swiftman had been executive officer of the Almiri forces lent to the rebels by the Europa Syndicate during the Titan War. He and his forces disappeared at a crucial moment (the end) of the War.

The Swami’s parents died in that rebellion. And now here was Swiftman, an “associate” of a commander in the Red Dragon Syndicate’s pirate navy, the Barricado.

At the Swami’s say so, the Crew took the job. They would extract the other two passengers with Joe’s help, and return to the hanger for the cargo, leaving the moment they did so. But the Swami had no intention of ever delivering Swiftman’s crate. With the briefest of explanations on the way to get the passengers, the rest of the Crew easily agreed.


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