Down_the_Barrel_by_chickendiver.jpg “We stepped off the path and went looking for the fortune that we knew was looking for us. Once off the path you do what you can to eat and to keep moving. You don’t blow your ghost of a chance with nickel and dime. No possessions, no comforts. Need is the ultimate monkey.”
— Parker, Way of the Gun

Here’s How It is

With Earth gone, mostly, we had to move out into the solar space_pirates_by_thdark-d7nr49b.pngsystem fast. Maybe too fast. Law doesn’t reach everywhere out here. Nor does it cover everyone evenly. You either rely on a system broken at its core and let it kill you a piece at a time, soul first. Or you learn to hack that system, make it play your game instead.

I won’t lie to you, going that route makes your chances of seeing old age pretty slim. A fast ship makes those chances a tad thicker. A gun in your hand never hurts, especially when the other guy’s got one in his.

Yeah, just follow your heart but steer with your head. You might not see your nursing home days, but the days you do see will belong to you, and you alone.

Be seeing you, space cowboy.

Game Wide Aspects

Aspect 1: “You can never out-run your past.”

Aspect 2: “Corruption at every level.”