The Kuiper

An asteroid belt so thinly spread at the edge of the solar system, that until telescopes were set up on Ganymede, it was still theoretical. Though some wish to study the Kuiper for its pure “pre-solar system” material, it is too distant and inhospitable for any practical human use.

The Earthers seems to disagree.

Pluto – As a dwarf planet, Pluto is the largest object in the Kuiper. Pluto’s atmosphere is a thin envelope of nitrogen, methane, and carbon monoxide, all of which also makes up the ice of its surface. Earth set up a base on its surface 10 years ago, apparently with the goal of exploring and mining the Kuiper. It is the furthest humans have ever been from the Sun. For resupply, they have built one of their new design Gates in Pluto’s orbit. The base and Gate are protected by a light battle cruiser and at least 1 division of Colonial Marines. As with their facility on Phoebe, they have made it clear that visitors are not welcome.

Eris -

Makemake -

The Kuiper

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