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2018 – Cryo-sleep and ion drive are developed by the Weyland-Yutani Company, making travel throughout the solar system a practical possibility for the first time. By mid-2019, a permanent settlement is established on the Moon, exclusively for space-based research. Due to political machinations, Weyland-Yutani is not invited to participate.

2021 – After 5 months in transit, the first mission to Mars lands successfully in the Arsia Mons caldera. The entire craft is converted to habitats and work environs. Within 4 years “Mars City” is a self-sufficient colony and fully operational space port.

2022 – Weyland-Yutani begins construction on Gateway Station to compete with Lunar-based spaceship construction yards and laboratories. Weyland-Yutani moves its corporate headquarters there in 2027 when basic operations start up. The original design is completed by 2030. Additions and expansions continue to this day.

2024 – The first manned mission to Venus arrives ahead of schedule (with minimal deaths) after only 4 months. Terraforming beings immediately using a process developed by Blue Sun industries. Funded by a conglomerate of interests, it is the largest private expeditions in human history.

2027 – After 3 years, the first mission to Ganymede lands and discovers life in the oceans beneath the ice. A much simpler ecosystem than Earth’s oceans, it does contain some complex forms such as a type of “rock lobster” and the “sea rat.” Ganymede becomes a Mecca for the study of the natural sciences.

2035 – Blue Sun terraforms a breathable atmosphere for Luna just in time for the grand opening of the Lunar Gate, a hyperspace conduit cutting travel time to and from the Moon from 30 hours to only 5. Construction of a network of larger gates connecting the other colonies begins immediately.

2039 – Large swaths of Venus (particularly in the northern hemisphere) have a breathable atmosphere but it does not stabilize. It must be maintained by air processors.

2041 – The Lunar Gate Accident. The hyperspace gate orbiting the Moon explodes. Shattered sections of the Moon rains down on Earth as irradiated meteors. Millions (possibly billions) die before taking refuge underground. Millions more flee off-world in any ship they can find. The Earth-centric inter-solar system government collapses, leaving the colonies all independent states, each overrun with multitudes of refugees. With dangerous overcrowding and near limitless manpower, the largest construction boom in history consumes mankind.

2042 – Weyland-Yutani acquires the holding of those companies that were based on Luna and Earth. The legality of these acquisitions is (unsuccessfully) contested for years.

2044 – Mars hosts the first Solar System Congress, a meeting of socioeconomic leaders from every major colony to establish sovereign boundaries and laws governing actions in open space. To enforce these laws, they jointly create the Inter-Solar System Police (ISSP).

2047 – Ganymede becomes the first planetary body to be fully terraformed. Through fishing and farming, it soon becomes the largest exporters of foodstuffs in the solar system.

2055 – The Dai-Lao Plague. A 99% lethal viral infection breaks out among the inhabitants of the Asteroid Belt in the area known as Dai-Lao’s Reach. The Reach is quarantined by ISSP gunships for a year even though the area is believed to be completely lifeless within 4 months. Estimates put the dead at over 5000. The area is never reclaimed. Weaker but still dangerous strains of Dai-Lao plague continue to crop up to this day.

2059 – The Doohan Ion Drive more than doubles the velocity of traditional ion propulsion. When the inventor is incapable of keeping up with the demand for his breakthrough, the Martian government seizes the design through eminent domain and awards it to 3 larger shipyard companies.

2064 – The Battle of Calisto. A Ganymede-based ISSP patrol intercepts a suspicious freighter in high orbit over the Saturn moon Calisto. Before they can board, 2 Mars-based ISSP heavy cruisers approach, claiming they have been pursuing the freighter for acts of piracy. A standoff follows as hot tempers and old interdepartmental rivalries prevent either ISSP group from giving up their claim on the freighter. Several more ISSP vessels join either side over the next 10 hours, hoping to intimidate the other side into submission. But 8 of these are actually pirate vessels in disguise. After a devastating surprise attack and a pitched battle, the majority of the pirates escape with the freighter. 53 ISSP officers are dead or missing and 7 ISSP vessels have been destroyed.

2071 – Full terraforming is completed on the Saturn moon Titan. Indentured miners fleeing their contracts to “homestead” on the survivable surface become a problem. Free miners buying land is strongly discouraged.

2077 – After decades with no sign of cohesive government, Earth begins several massive off-world mining projects and as well as beginning to set up their own uniquely designed gate system. Suddenly operating on Venus, Mars, the Asteroid Belt – dangerously close to Dai-Lao’s Reach – and (ambitiously) the Kuiper Belt, inevitably leads to territorial disputes. Earth employs the Colonial Marine Corps (CMC) to defend their positions. They quickly become a well-respected fighting force.

2079 – The Weyland-Yutani Company is contracted to inspect all goods and personnel coming into Earth’s biosphere for “potential contaminates.” Weyland-Yutani, and their headquarters, Gateway Station, become the defacto face of Earth until the appearance of Congresswoman Nu-Cago.

2081 – The Catechist Revolt. Several large agricultural settlements on Mars claim unfair treatment at the hands of the corrupt government. Most of the leaders of the movement belong to a reformist Christian sect called Catechists. Heavy-handed responses by MarSec lead to armed conflicts. After a few lucky victories and an initial groundswell of support that all but bloomed in to a full revolution, internal conflicts and military inexperience lead the Catechists to a number of crippling defeats. The last of these, in the northern channels of the Galaxias Canal, saw the capture of most of their leadership.

2083 to 2088 – The Syndicate War. The Red Dragon Syndicate based on Mars wars openly with the Europa Syndicate, several united crime families mostly based around Jupiter. The brutality of the interplanetary conflict causes the first wide-spread use of cybernetic replacement limbs and organs.

2084 – Overwhelmed by workload and corruption, the ISSP institutes a bounty system with minimal licensing requirements, allowing almost anyone able to do so to bring in fugitives.

2085 to 2088 – The Titan War. Colonists on Titan attempt to secede from the Martian companies that own the moon of Saturn. The rebels are heavily backed by the Europa Syndicate, as many of the companies are controlled by the Red Dragon Syndicate. Titan becomes the last and bloodiest battlefield of the Syndicate War. After 16 months of intense fighting, the rebels are completely defeated. Uncharacteristically, the victorious companies found several charitable medical institutes geared toward aiding survivors and veterans as well as educational facilities for orphans of the War.

2087 – During a meeting of the Solar System Congress on Deimos Station (the Gate station in orbit around Mars’ moon Deimos), Clara Nu-Cago of Earth arrives unannounced with 2 battleships of Colonial Marines to deliver Earth’s official claims of territory. After a week of closed door sessions, Earth signs the Inter-Solar System treaty and Ms. Nu-Cago is named Earth’s Congresswoman.

2091 – Present day.

That History Jazz

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