Though this mostly hydrogen and helium gas giant is the second largest planet in the solar system, it also the least dense. Its yellow and gold band coloration is the result of winds in the upper atmosphere which can reach up to 1,100 mph. No known aerospace technology can allow transition through such a tempest so landing on Saturn’s ammonia ocean-covered surface is impossible.

Titan – larger than the planet Mercury, this moon saw the first worker revolt against Corporate rule. Three years after the rebellion was crushed, Titan is still in a “reconstruction” phase marked by totalitarian Corporate edicts and some grand gestures of peace such as fully funded medical facilities for veterans of the war.

Juxtaposed to this are the peaceful inhabitants of the Northern deserts, a band of Earth aboriginals calling themselves the People. They had drifted colony to colony for 30 years after the Lunar Gate Accident, and settled on Titan soon after the terraforming stabilized. They practice a synthesis of traditional religions while working the land and small independent mines for subsistence.

Phoebe – this oddly shaped, furthest out moon of Saturn had its mining rights claimed long ago by the astronomy department of the University of Ganymede, solely for potential study. Rights to Phoebe were purchased (cheaply) by Earth concerns a few years after they began their foray back into the solar system in 2077. Shortly after that, a research facility of some kind was built there, complete with an anti-spacecraft rail gun. Whatever they are doing, they want to be left alone to do it.


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