Cool Lingo

Belter – common term for someone that calls the Belt their home.

Boat – slang for any small to medium sized spacecraft. For larger craft it can be used as a term of endearment or familiarity.

Cardinal Sin, The – Though no specific law decries it, not responding to a distress signal in the depths of space is considered a nearly unforgivable deed, especially in the Belt and outer planets. What aid you render and its fees are matters of personal morals.

Cortex, The – information transmission system integrated into the Gates and relayed by satellites throughout the solar system, analogous to a solar system-wide internet. Its basic functions (news feeds, navigation aids, etc.) are free, with several levels of up-grades available through subscriptions and specialized equipment.

Cowboy – common term for an ISSP licensed bounty hunter, able to legally pursue posted fugitives across multiple jurisdictions. The licensing process is surprisingly simple and absolves the ISSP of any liability for crimes committed by a Cowboy while pursuing or detaining a bounty.

Earther – common term for a person from Earth.

Free Space – space outside of the claimed boarders of any planet or colony, including hyperspace conduits accessible by the Gates. The ISSP has legal jurisdiction in Free Space within the solar system.

Gate, (Hyperspace) – any of a network of orbital or free-space devices that open The_Jumpgate_by_DarklordDC.jpgconduits through hypespace for ships and transmissions to travel the distance between 2 Gates at a fraction of the time it would take in physical space. The Gates – which connect every inhabited planet and major colony in the solar system – are operated by the SSC as part of their mandate. The only private Gate system is owned and operated by Earth and connects Gateway Station to the rest of Earth’s holdings in System.

Lingo – an amalgam of languages derived from vastly different cultures of Earth refugees living in close proximity in colonies, ships and the slums of the Inner Planets for the last 50 years. Held together by English (the primary language of technology and Cortex entertainment), it is not so much an independent language as a dialect ranging in severity the further away one is from educated (elitist?) civilization. Analogous to Ebonics. max_city.jpg

MarsNet 23 – The most watched Cortex news feed in the solar system. As the name suggests, it is based on Mars and as such draws languid criticism for spinning solar system events to Martian perspective.

Pippu – a popular, dark colored soft drink, second most widely sold after Coca-cola. Unlike its competitor, Pippu boasts mostly natural ingredients and a milder stimulant.

Red Eye – Powerful illegal stimulant administered by spraying into the eyes to be eye_blood_by_beckawalley.jpgabsorbed by ocular capillaries and turning the whites of the eye blood red (giving the drug its name). Users experience hyper awareness and perceive time moving much slower. With high (dangerous) doses, the user ceases to feel pain, appearing stronger and more durable as over-exertion damage is ignored. Red Eye is commonly stored in small single dose vials.

Spacer – common term for one who makes his living aboard spacecraft; analogous to “sailor” in the days of ships on Earth’s oceans.

Spinward/Anti-spin – common directionality in a rotating system (planets, moons/satellites or space stations using rotation for gravity), usually accompanied by “out” or “in” in reference to proximity to the rotation center. If an object in the Jovian system is 65,000 miles in spinward from your present location, it is located in an arc 65,000 miles closer to Jupiter and further along in the direction objects orbit that planet..

WcDonalds – (pronounced wik’ * DAH * nalds) a popular Martian WcDonalds.jpgrestaurant chain specializing in sandwiches and other quickly made and easily transported food. Franchises can be found on most major colonies.

Woo-long – paper currency printed by the SSC and the most widely accepted form of cash; analogous to a dollar.

Cool Lingo

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