Space Cowboy

Tijuana to Titan

Pt. 1: The Pilot, the Pirate and the Drag Queen

Fueled and supplied, the Crew wanted to track One Eyed Jack’s path back to where the last crew salvaged the Box to look for clues as to what it was and what the hell they should do with it. But they would need to use the Gates to get out to Saturn. They would need documentation that One Eyed Jack belonged to them.

Andromeda had already made false identities for the Crew so they could use the cortex without pinging the ISSP, who were looking to question them about Shit-Hole Station. But documentation that would fool a gate transaction required a specialist. Fortunately, she knew one nearby on Tijuana.

On their way in, they detected a small armada of Barricado ships in a holding pattern around TJ, waiting for something. The Crew parked One Eyed Jack out of visual range (sensor invisible) and flew the shuttle in as casually as they could.

They met Andromeda’s contact, Mamma Juanita, a cheery middle aged Mexican drag queen dressed like Rita Moreno. But she (?) was not alone. At her table was Commander Malmano of the Barricado fleet and Joe Noland who, like certain cargo Mamma was going to pawn off on the Crew, was looking for a ride out of TJ.

Though Mamma Juanita did not look upset (she never does), she had as many men watching Malmano as Malmano had watching her at the meeting. What ever job she was brokering between the Crew and Malmano, it didn’t look like Mamma had a choice.

The job, which would net the Crew unassailable documentation on One Eyed Jack, came in three parts:

1) Joe was looking for a ride through the Gates from Tijuana to Saturn for him and his light spacecraft, which would easily fit into one of Jack’s cargo bays.

2) An associate of Malmano’s was looking to move a half ton crate from TJ to Titan with minimal questions asked.

3) Malmano also had two passengers that needed extraction from their present hide out to specific coordinates near Saturn.

A light extraction (of people Malmano assured the Crew who wanted to be extracted), a few passengers and two pieces of cargo, all headed in the direction the Crew wanted to go anyway.

What could go wrong?


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