Space Cowboy

A Simple Passenger Job, Pt. 3

The Asteroid Platform Betrayal

Approaching their destination, a massive mobile landing platform set in an asteroid, the Crew gathered the children and the body guard together. Unfortunately, the younger girl was no longer in the lounge with Frenchie. She was in bed with Frenchie. Neither was sober enough to remember how they got to his room or what happened to their clothes.

Captain Parrin took exception to this (the girl being only 15 or so) and after nearly breaking Frenchie’s nose, swore over the comms system to leave the Crew the moment their business with the Box was through… and she could secure another ship.

Parrin stalked off into the interior of the ship in a huff and Frenchie, hung over as all get out, went with the landing party just to get away from her.

They were greeted at the landing pad by an overweight, bald half Asian also in full-regaled traditional kimono who introduced himself as the administer of the facility, Koto Obe. He informed the Crew that payment and processing of the children was not ready yet and would they please wait in this drably appointed waiting room for just a little while.

Without the stabilizing distraction of “challenging the greatest warrior” the boy was beginning to break down and question his identity; while the middle girl was in full blown paranoia mode as her memories truly began to unravel. After the “waiting room” door was locked from the outside, the Crew realized Obe intended to let the gene therapy fail, potentially killing the children.


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