Space Cowboy

A Simple Passenger Job, Pt. 2

Three Kid Monte

The boy and the younger girl escaped their rooms almost immediately but thanks to Andromeda’s security cameras, this was known to the Crew, and oddly expected by their body guard. He went searching for the, secure in the fact that the middle girl would stay in her room.

Andromeda used his absence to have a conversation with the middle girl who had been very pensive this whole time. During long conversation that revealed nothing, Andromeda scanned the girl’s surface thoughts and found that she was doubting her own identity. Several key memories seemed fake to her and lesser peripheral memories did not exist at all. On top of that, she was feeling ill, like she was coming down with a cold.

Meanwhile, the body guard was satisfied that the younger girl would stay in the lounge with an indifferent Frenchie, engaging in some disco dancing and both of them drinking themselves into a stupor.

Just as the Crew was to confront the body guard with the strange nature of the middle girl’s “illness,” he was attacked by the boy who announced – in a very cartoonish way – that he must defeat the greatest warrior on board to prove himself worthy of his high ranking in his school of martial arts. The Space Swami convince the boy that it was Ghan, not the body guard, who was the greatest warrior on the ship. Indeed, Ghan happily sparred with the boy for hours, eventually ending with the boy declaring Ghan an honorary member of his school.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Crew confronted the body guard who admitted that the children were not who they appeared to be. They were decoys for a powerful and wealthy man’s children in case of kidnap or assassination attempts. To be completely convincing, each had undergone memory implantation along with gene therapy to look like the originals. But, he added, the gene therapy was wearing off and causing “malfunctions” in the memory implants. Hence the middle girl’s paranoia and the boy’s cartoonish behavior… the youngest really was a rebellious alcoholic though. They were on their way to a facility that would “re-infuse” them and probably save their lives.

With some convincing, and mental scanning, the Crew decided they believed him and would just drop off the passengers and get paid.

If only.


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