Space Cowboy

A Simple Passenger Job

Ceres Shuck and Jive

If you’re looking for good paying, fast turnaround time jobs, you’ve got to go where the action is. And in the Belt, the action is on Ceres. Parking One Eyed Jack a discreet distance away – and leaving Ghan and Zach on board to watch Cilia and maintain the radar invisibility – the rest of the Crew docked on Ceres using fake IDs Andromeda set up.

While waiting for a meeting Captain Parrin set up with a potential employer, a low level street thug made a humorous attempt to “kidnap” Frenchie. After taking his weapon and buying him a drink, the Crew let him go.

The Crew met with Parrin’s contact, a fixer named Tanaka; no other names were exchanged. The client, a traditionalist Japanese in full kimono, simply met them to look them all in the eye. With that he agreed to hire them. The job: transport four passengers from Ceres to a private facility sixteen hours spinward into the Belt, using full radar invisibility the entire way. Payment: full refueling and a modest stock of supplies, all up front if they could leave in the next ten hours.

Short-handed as they were, it was stretch. They even had to let Cilia help. It was fine, though. She said One Eyed Jack wasn’t sure he wanted her to kill them anymore.

When time came to load the passengers on to the shuttle, members of the Red Dragon Syndicate gang that had attacked Shit Hole Station were milling around, asking if anyone had seen the Crew. Fortunately, they had no photos and, more importantly, people on Ceres knew better than to talk to Red Dragons.

The Crew used a series of well-coordinated distractions and loaded the passengers: a huge black body guard and three young people in robes and hoods… LOOKING like people who were trying to conceal their identity. The oldest was a boy in his early twenties with tattoos on the side of his face marking him as a student of specific Martian school of martial arts. The next oldest was about seventeen, a goth girl with purple hair and eyeliner who kept to herself even from her fellow passengers. The last was an eye rolling fifteen year old girl with earbuds constantly blaring synth-pop music.

The three of them had a family resemblance that suggested they were siblings. The initial plan of the Crew (and the body guard) was to confine the siblings to quarters for the relatively short trip.

They had other ideas.


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